Building Blocks: Incorporating Seafood in Early Life Stages

Calling all Seafoodies, including those little ones! When it comes to enjoying seafood, start early and eat often! Just like pregnant women and all other adults, children should consume 2-3 age-appropriate servings of seafood each week. And you can introduce fish—flaked into small, bite-sized pieces—to your little Seafoodies whenever they start eating solid foods. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics said there is no reason to delay the introduction of seafood, unless there is a family history of allergies to fish or shellfish. And that’s good news because seafood provides an abundance of nutrients that are beneficial throughout the life span, including during early childhood years. It is no secret that seafood has an abundance of nutritional benefits, but this is especially true during those early life stages. Seafood provides vitamins and nutrients that are important for developing bones, brains, hearts, eyes and immune system. By serving your child seafood early and often, you can help your child create healthy eating habits that will last for life. From suggested serving sizes to easy ways to incorporate seafood into their diet, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind. When to Introduce Seafood Seafood makes a great […]

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